Never miss your supplements again.

Sup is an app that simply helps you take your supplements on time. You can choose from over 20,000 supplements or create your own. In addition, monthly history calendar is available to quantify your intake habits.

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Sup is straightforward app with customizable reminders. You can easily find supplement or medication from our extensive database or create your own. Just pick convenient time, date and dosage to receive reminders on your iPhone.

Sup displays the supplements taken to date so you can track all the supplements you currently taking or used to take.

To get the best results from your treatment and your supplements its very important to take them on time and stick to your schedule. Sup will remind you when and what supplements or pills to take.

  • “This is a great app, I have been looking for something like this, it has a large data set that found all my normal supplements and setting them up is pretty easy. Wish this was available sooner!!!”
  • "I need this and you will too. Brilliant idea now an app and more importantly, a reminder to keep you on track whether it's taking SUPliments or a much needed drug to get you through your daily life."